Getting involved

Its great that your looking to get involved with Eastbourne Relay For Life.  There are many ways you can get involved from joining or creating a team to volunteering to help for just a few hours.  Click on the option that interests you below to learn more.

Enter a team


Become a team captain!


Team Captains organise and delegate the team’s fundraising events – as well as the team’s participation in activities throughout the Relay itself.

A Team Captain supports Relay For Life in your community by leading a team of family, friends, work colleagues etc. to participate and raise funds.

A Team Captain strives to

  • Build a team  who will be able to share a Rota for walking around the track.
  • Set a fund-raising goal for your team
  • Recognise any cancer survivors on your team and encourage them to participate in the survivorship celebrations at the event
  • Encourage and motivate the team to succeed. Arrange meetings for the team
  • Recognise team members for their commitment to the fight against cancer
  • And most importantly, make sure your team has fun!

How to be a great Relay Team Captain

  • Ask people you like (and who you trust) to be with you.
  • Have a team kick-off to recruit new members and get things going
  • Set a team fundraising goal for your team
    • Come up with great Fundraising ideas Plan some on-site fundraising for the day of the Relay
    • Get creative with FUN-raisers that the whole team can help with & enjoy
    • Trust and support your team members
  • Communicate, communicate and communicate!
    • Have regular team meetings
    • Consider starting up a team newsletter
    • reminders about fundraisers, upcoming events etc.
    • Keep your team informed about incentive prizes, rules, games, contests, etc.
  • Have a Team Wrap-up Party
    • Review the team’s activities, fundraisers, etc. to find out what worked well and what can be improved upon
    • Distribute and announce any awards your team has won
    • You can even have your own team awards (top fundraiser, most laps walked, etc)
    • Start planning for next year’s Relay

The above are just suggestions and we will support you all the way through, it really is an incredible event to be part of. The most important thing is to get involved raise some money to Fight Cancer and have some FUN!!


Join a team

Know someone who’s already started a team and asked you to join? Make sure you know the team name and have the team password from them then click the button below to join the team.


Anyone who has ever heard the words “you have cancer” is invited to be one of our Guests of Honour at Eastbourne Relay For Life. Seeing so many survivors at Relay events gives us the hope that together we will beat cancer.

What do Survivors do?

Survivors open the Relay by walking the Survivors’ Lap of Honour (if able to) – this starts the celebration and shows that every day we are taking steps towards a cure. After the Lap of Honour you will be invited to join the Survivors’ reception where food and drink will be provided. You can meet other survivors, share your experiences and enjoy the celebrations. You can also recognise someone who supported you during your illness as a caregiver. They can come along and support you every step of the way.

Once you have registered, you will receive a welcome pack containing a Survivor t-shirt and commemorative badge. The Survivor chair from our committee will also be in touch to ensure you have everything you need.

If you’d like to be one of our guest of honour then please register by clicking the button below. Alternatively if you have any questions then you can get in touch with our survivor chair. Please use the contact us form at the top right corner of this website to do so.


Relays are run by volunteers, everyone is a volunteer from the committee to the teams and everyone who helps on the day and throughout the year at collections. In short Relay wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for volunteers.

If you can spare any time be it a few hours or more we’d love to here from you. It could be helping with collections, setting up, running an activity or packing up on the day or many other things. Contact us using the button below and we’ll find something your comfortable with. Every volunteer makes a huge difference to Relay and there’s absolutely no pressure to do more than your able or comfortable to do. So please do get in touch and help us beat cancer sooner.

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsors are very important to us if there is something you can do to help then please get in touch. Sponsorship of things like Signs, Medals, food, prizes and much more are always needed. This helps us keep event costs down and ensures as much money as possible goes to CRUK.

If you are able to help then please visit the sponsors page or contact us using the buttons below.